FEB 20, 2018

Put back my original handmade funk filled html site. Got rid of boring WordPress site.

MAY 13, 2010

Transfered Audio and Club Z Pics to server.

SEP. 17, 2009

Added new Windows sounds pack to Download page.

SEP. 14, 2009

Created NEW look to the site. Added new songs to the audio page. Bunch of rare links listed below.

Added Long Time Ago

Funny Stuff just goofing off for the camera!

Long Time Ago

Added Asakusa Pics taken a long time ago.

Sep. 12, 2004

Added  New FLASH Animations Here  Tons of new Flash Movies by Austin. Real weird stuff.

Sep. 12, 2004

Added  Fireworks 2004  Nice shots of controlled explosions.

Sep. 12, 2004

Added  Live VAI shots  Some shots by Austin

Sep. 12, 2004

Added  Austin's Funk Creations  Lots of art stuff by Austin

Sep. 12, 2004

Added  Austin on TV  Millionaire Quiz Japanese style.

Sep. 12, 2004.

Added  Expo99  Old shots of something called EXPO 99

Sep. 12, 2004.

Added  Tokyo PC XMAS Party  Old shots of Tokyo PC XMAS Party.

Sep. 12, 2004.

Added  Old CloudyB snuff here  Comic man CloudyB of Ozland in Japan. THE comic master.

Sep. 12, 2004.

Added  Old Chris Chavezshots Here  Singer Chris Chavez shots. THE vocal master.

Sep. 12, 2004.

Added  Old Eric shots Here  Eric Sardinas shots. THE blues master.

Sep. 12, 2004.

Added  Old Poncho shots Here  Poncho shots.Old Zen master.

Feb 26, 2003.

Added  New Videos Here  Check out the two new videos!

Feb 19, 2003.

Added  New Downloads Page  Check out all the new downloads!

July 23, 2002.

Added  Steve Vai Photos For Sale  All photos by Austin Hicks. These photos currently are for sale in Japan only (page is in Japanese).

Sep 20, 2001.

Added   Photo Portfolio Page  New exciting portfolio shots from 2001 of Austin for all the ladies out there who have been asking me to post more shots with my face.